I am a fashion stylist and editor with years of experience in styling for e-commerce and independent brands. I help brands and retailers to create visual content aligned with their DNA that reflects the zeitgeist. I offer private client services and consultancy. 

I believe that our core values and principles do not just tell who we are but say much about the quality of our work and the quality of our relationships. I believe that when we know each other’s core values and principles, it’s easier to connect and to work together successfully. For these exact reasons I am sharing my manifesto (see the main page) where you can find my core values and principles.

Selected publications include ID Italy, Crack Magazine, Cap74024, Dansk, die ZEIT, Duel Magazine, Fucking Young, Nasty, Schön, Sleek, The Forumist, XOXO Magazine.

Commercial clients include Isey SKYR, Zalando, Dreamlines, Heinrich Barth.

Art direction & Programming : Studio 24/24